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 ‘Deadpool’ Film Has A ‘Really Good Script’ But Fox Trying To Avoid ‘X-Men Fatigue’ Says Producer

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PostSubject: ‘Deadpool’ Film Has A ‘Really Good Script’ But Fox Trying To Avoid ‘X-Men Fatigue’ Says Producer   Tue Mar 11, 2014 9:22 pm

Comic book fans are clamoring a Deadpool standalone film, even with Ryan Reynolds returning at the titular character.

Now in a Feb. 21 interview with Collider, Fox producer Lauren Shuler Donner discusses the project and how Fox is outlining films over the next few years.

“I think we have to figure out how many X-Men films a summer can handle without getting into X-Men fatigue. And I just mentioned New Mutants off the top of my head because that’s a personal passion of mine. I’m not saying that’s Fox’s next movie, please don’t misquote me or I’ll get a call. But we have to be very careful. As you all know there’s a Deadpool script that is out there, and you know about X-Force and you know about Fantastic Four. There’s a summer, there’s a year, say 2014, 2015, how many can you put out? Take into consideration there are also Marvel movies coming out then. At a certain point people want to see other movies besides comic book movies so you have to be really careful what you’re going to pick, and how many are going to be released within a year.”

One of the main caveats is for Deadpool to be rated-R and Donner agrees.

“First of all, the Deadpool movie should be $50m in any event, whether it is PG-13 or R. Because it’s a single character, it doesn’t involve that many of the other mutants, which means not many other powers, which is CGI, which is what costs so much. It would be a lot of action, but it should be — and because it’s a standalone character, just like the Wolverine films, we keep them at a smaller budget, so it should be a $50m budget regardless. And I am a producer who NEVER discusses her budgets, EVER, ever ever. But that one should be kept small. As for the rest of it, I can’t really talk about it. I’d love to take the movie, it’s a really good script, we’ll see.”

When asked about Fox creating a model similar to Marvel’s, she says that “We will do something similar. We have been talking, “we” meaning Fox and some of the people involved in the film, in terms of also laying out a timeline, which characters can be spun off, which stories we can do, if we pick one story, which stories THAT will lead to, that sort of thing. I think it’s a very good idea.

Check out the full interview HERE

The Global Dispatch


If this finally does happen, it has to be Rated R (18 for UK) and Ryan Reynolds MUST play Deadpool. Reynolds played him perfectly, it was just a shame they made Deapool incorrectly which isn't a big deal because doesn't HAVE to be same as comics, but stitching his mouth up? That's a huge mistake. There's a reason Deadpool is called the Merc with a Mouth.
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‘Deadpool’ Film Has A ‘Really Good Script’ But Fox Trying To Avoid ‘X-Men Fatigue’ Says Producer

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